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"Through the process of reincarnation we have all lived on other planets and in other dimensions and we will continue to do so after our lessons on earth have been completed. Earth is merely a school-- one of many in our long education"

                                      Dolores Cannon

Past Life Regression

“When we go someplace, we leave a part of our energy there and we influence more than we can ever imagine.”

                                                     Dolores Cannon


NOTE… Let’s put Hypnotherapy and PLR together on the services


What is PLR


For many of us, the idea that we may have lived other lifetimes seems very far fetched and then others of us we have specific memories that we have been before. 


This past-life theory is something that has been pondered by scientists, scholars, and clergy for centuries.


Truly grasping the idea that the soul is eternal energy and can never die, is a huge concept, however recently more and more people are not only open to the idea that they may have had past lives, but many people are actually remembering them!


The process of remembering your past life from a safe place can have a profound effect on healing your issues that show up in this lifetime because the issues that keep showing up are unresolved events, traumas, and betrayals from past lives that directly affect the present life you are living right now.


The reason this happens is that you carry cellular memory from lifetime to lifetime. It is stored in your DNA.  All memories are cellular energy.


In my practice, I have found Past Life Regression therapy to be one of the most effective healing modalities because it addresses burdensome root soul issues like severe heartbreak, betrayal and traumatic life crises.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I use Past Life Regression as a tool to fully understand how current issues stem from previous lives. 

Many times the closure of the past life issue can bring relief and resolve the symptoms almost instantaneously! 


How does Past Life Regression work?


PLR works by opening communication between one lifetime to another.


Hypnosis is used to access memories that are stored from the beginning of time and right up into the present, and because the subconscious mind is not time-bound or limited by the constraints of logic, accessing the subconscious mind through hypnosis becomes an available therapeutic and diagnostic tool.



Just for an example: You have unexplained chronic shoulder pain that may have bogged you down for years.  Often that shoulder pain will show up in a PLR session as an issue from a previous life in which you may have suffered a tragic shoulder injury or perhaps carried a heavy emotional burden of some type and felt the weight of the world was resting on you...and that was never resolved.

Closure to issues like these many times will stop the presenting problems very quickly.


Why Past Life Regression 


  • PLR is one of my favorite healing modalities because it puts the client in the driver's seat.


  • PLR is truly in a class of it’s own as a healing modality because as the client you get to witness past experiences as opposed to the opinion of a cognitive therapist and their opinions about your is YOU who is the seer and researcher at this point. 


  • I personally feel the greatest growth and fastest results come from seeing things with our own eyes.


The process is safe and at any point, you chose to get off or stop we can simply turn off the show.

...And you also get to choose how you’d like to view your past life.

Many of my clients prefer to view past lives as if they were watching a movie, a bit removed..

And other clients chose view the past life in body and experience it in real-time.


Either way, the beauty of PLR is to know yourself and to connect to your soul in a most profound and historic way.

I feel PLR it is becoming the new healing science for mind body and soul!


“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”   

                                                  Albert Einstein

Things you may have thought …

  •  Have you ever felt like you’ve been here before?

  •  Have you ever met somebody and felt completely connected the moment you saw them?

  •  Have you ever met someone and felt an instant dislike the moment you saw them?

  • Have you ever traveled to a foreign country and felt like you had been there before, maybe even knew your way around?

  •  Have you had a fascination with a particular culture or time period?

  •  Have you ever had a deep fear of phobia about something and not know why?

  •  Have you ever had a strong conviction or belief about something that is completely different from the beliefs you were taught

  •  Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?​

My Approach

Why Past Life Regression?

  • I want to know why I constantly struggle with feeling like I can never be satisfied or happy with what I have.

  • I want to know why I keep attracting the same kind of romantic partner that is obviously toxic to me.

  • I want to know why I have high anxiety every time I get near a body of water?

  • I want to know why I need to know everything
    about Ancient Egypt

  • I want to know why have repeated dreams and memories about living in a specific time and place.

  • I want to know what my life’s purpose is.

  • I want to feel grounded and safe in this lifetime.

  • I want to resolve old fears and traumas

  • I want to be successful in my present life

Contact Me

I am committed to helping you know yourself and to become happy, healthy, present, abundant, powerful and loved. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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