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“It is of great importance to me that we, the masses, eventually learn to activate our innate ability to become our own healers, and gain dominion over the well-being of our own lives”

- Phoenix

About Phoenix Rising C.Ht

My defining moment came in 2008 when I broke Billboard Top 10 as an independent recording artist, my music name is Nyee Moses

I was two weeks away from my debut performance at Chicago theatre with 3K very excited fans who had fallen in love with me on national radio. Magazines were touting me as the next Sade, and with a six million listenership, the buzz was real and the press was poised.

Entertainment Weekly quoted,
 ”Most critically acclaimed new indie artist vocal sensation NyeeMoses”...
  and guess what….
 I was scared to death to get on stage and open my mouth!

 All the hype and success literally shut me down!

But why?

I had worked so hard for so many years to finally be in a place where many only dream of and few ever get to experience.
 All my past traumas. All the buried events. All the shadows I had tried to forget about... all just surfaced like a brutal joke. 

The fear of not being good enough, imposter syndrome?
The stored childhood feelings of rejection from being given up at birth then sent to foster care and adoption?

Feelings of shame, feelings of not being worthy?

The fear of loss and the deep trauma having witnessed the death of my brother when I was eight years old?
Struggling with low self-esteem, finding it difficult to accept praise having grown up mixed-race and the only Jewish kid in a highly prejudiced, religiously oppressed community that didn’t accept me…
 And it all just got triggered!

Meanwhile, I had my first big concert to get through in the midst of having a serious identity crisis and the last thing anybody ever expected.

My producers who were highly concerned, to say the least, had just seen a hypnotherapist on Oprah and sent me to get a session immediately!

The session actually worked to get me out on stage and through my tour, and at the same time became very evident that it would be the first step on a long road to healing my many past traumas.
I had never had any therapy prior to this, my parents didn’t believe in it.

 Without a doubt, I would not have been able to get on that stage without that transformational hypnotherapy session. It was on the plane flying back home that I promised myself I would study everything about this powerful healing modality so I could help others because of how it saved my literal life during this historical time!

 Let me not forget that I was also scared to the hypnotherapist had to get me on the plane first before we even got me on the stage!

After my tour, I put my music on hold to train in the healing arts.”

Growing up in the rural backwoods of Pennsylvania, Phoenix was always in nature and developed a profound connection and communication with the earth, trees, and animals. As a child, Phoenix was known as the one who would make plants grow with her voice by talking and singing to them. She was also highly empathic and psychic, so when she decided to immerse herself into holistic health and healing, it came very naturally because she has a clear vision into deep issues because of the many profound experiences she had on her own journey.

If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide you to address the issues you harbor about old traumas that can hold you back from success and eventually lead to a life filled with PTSD or toxic habits, then you have definitely come to the right place to shift and release all of these old stories so you can move into the beautiful life that you deserve.

Phoenix defines Beauty as a lifestyle and how you express yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, with the ability to blend seamlessly your inner and outer worlds.  

Beauty is the path ...It is the Way of your Soul.


My Approach

I am here to Awake your Eternal Beauty


I am here to inspire you to reach beyond the presumed boundaries of your past traumas so you can experience the beauty which is the fullness of your soul. 


I am here to help you develop the raw courage to step into the completeness of who you are so you can flourish in the health, happiness and unconditional love that is your destiny.


My mission to bring specific healing modalities of transformation into fruition, have taken me on the long road of esoteric travels and earth-based holistic studies from guided meditation, alchemy, soul retrieval, hypnotherapy (the shaman’s tool) and hands-on healing. With all of these combined and applied they become the medicine to heal the Soul.


As a Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist, honors graduate and recipient of the Director's Award at HMI (Hypnosis Motivational Institute), I help people reprogram the subconscious mind from lifelong traumas that become behaviors and that develop in anxiety, abandonment, depression, phobias

and lack of intimacy which all lead to dis-ease and premature aging.


As a Past Life Regressionist, I guide people who wish to reprogram the traumatic past life cellular memories that can hold you back from true happiness. By implementing, hypnotherapy, shamanic toning and traditional earth wisdom ways, together we gain access into the inner doorways of the soul to find the stories that will heal you today.


As a Certified Master in Therapeutic Imagery and Meditation teacher, I lead individuals and groups in meditation and guided storytelling to help quiet the mind and to create an atmosphere for mindfulness and focus that support your everyday life.


As a Jikiden Reiki Shihankaku ( traditional Japanese Reiki teacher),  I am a practitioner of hands-on healing as well as a teacher for my clients who wish to step into bigger roles as healers and leaders themselves. I train with the International The Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai    Kyoto, Japan 


As a Health and Beauty Coach, I am a leader and expert in plant-based lifestyle for over 25 yrs, an advocate of total fitness in training the mind-body and spirit all working in conjunction to complement the wholeness of exactly who you desire to be...the most youthful, vibrant, happy and loved version of yourself.


As a Transformational Adoption Coach,  I am in a unique position as I myself went through the experience of being adopted. With this knowledge and experience, I coach and aid in healing the primal wound of separation trauma and assist individuals to overcome the shame and abandonment that is often so prevalent in the adopted person’s life. 

My Approach
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