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Phoenix Rising, Channel,
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,
and Transformational Life Coach for Health, Beauty & Wellness

Shamanic beauty is the path to rediscovering your innate wisdom and the remembrance that inside you exists a sacred language, a dialogue filled with powerful self-healing codes and divine information to be used to harness your health,
happiness and well being.


Shamanic Beauty will help you access the essence of your soul. 

Alas, the time is here for us all to shift our consciousness from the way that we’ve been taught to think about our health before we habitually keep giving our power over to the pharmaceutical companies that feed us pills for sleep, for depression, for anxiety,  addictions, overeating and so on and on!  

We are an addicted society that is in crisis, and that is presently being touted as one of the most unhealthy populations to date and we have been co-opted to believe that we don’t know what is in our own best interest.


It is time for a solution to this growing away from our internal voice and a return back home to the understanding that we are responsible for our own health.


I am deeply called to reach back to the ancient ways of the Shamans who knew how to bridge the gap between nature and man, healing safely, effectively, reverently and keeping the rituals for our humanity alive and being the healing voice for us all.


Shamanic Beauty becomes the portal to access the wisdom once held and to teach us all how to achieve optimal health happiness and longevity mentally physically and emotionally.

Welcome to Shamanic Beauty as we enter into the Golden Age to learn the language of self-healing, which ultimately,
is self-love, and freedom!

Areas of Expertise

  • Health & Beauty Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Reiki (Traditional Japanese) 
  • Guided Meditation
  • Past Life Regression
  • Adoption Coaching

Phoenix Rising C.Ht, teacher of Shamanic Beauty™ is fiercely committed to helping you find the path to awaken your eternal beauty empowering you to become a specialist at facilitating the healing of your mind and body and soul.

Areas of Expertise

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I am committed to helping you know yourself and to become happy, healthy, present, abundant, powerful and loved. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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